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I have officially added myself to Miles To Blog. Wish I discovered this site sooner. A lot of great blogs on there. So excited to be part of the community. 🙂





Hot 3 miles

This morning I woke up thinking ehh I will run later on tonight. So I dropped my daughter off at school and saw people running so I went home, put on my running gear and set out to run 3 miles at the park. GEESH! It was the hottest 3 miles I’ve ran in a while. The sun was turned up to the hottest setting I swear, the wind off the lake was around 14-16mph. I busted my behind running through the wind and the heat. I still managed to run a 10 minute mile pace which I usually run just under that on cooler days. I showed the HEAT and WIND to never underestimate the “runner”. I was in total BEAST MODE this morning.


But note to self running in South Florida in the spring/summer months suck!






Firewife 1st 10k


Today I went with my best friend the “firewife” to pick up her race packet for a local 10k that is tomorrow morning (how strange it was picking up a race packet and it wasn’t for me). But did I mention this is her very 1st 10k. She is super nervous and so excited all in one. I wish her all the best. Run like the wind. I will be at the finish line cheering her on. I am so proud of her. You trained for this, I have no doubt you will finish strong. I heart you to the moon and back.


Outraged Tutu Wearing Runner


As most of you have probably read around the internet or on the news about a woman Monika who ran the LA Marathon and SELF magazine had emailed Monika for permission to use her picture in SELF magazine in an upcoming issue. But poor Monika didn’t know her picture would be degrading not only herself but other fellow runners who enjoy running in tutus as myself. What really bothers me about this is that Monika wore this outfit for a reason, to be strong because Monika has brain cancer and was going through radiation and continued to run the LA Marathon.

I for one have never bought or ever picked up SELF magazine. Now I know why. This magazine is suppose to be a uplifting woman’s magazine. #lameselfmagazine


Moms Run This Town is donating to GOTRSD for every instagram post with the following.

Do you like running in tutus as much as I do??

BELOW are some links
Article about Monika
Glam Runner (company owned by Monika, proceeds of tutus go to GOTRSD)
Glam Runner Facebook page
Girls On The Run San Diego DONATION
Girls on The Run San Diego
Girls on The Run San Diego Facebook page


1 Year ago to 6 years ago


The date March 23rd has a good thing attached to it and another it has sadness attached to it. The good part is I ran my 1st half marathon 1 year ago today with one of my closest friends by my side. The sad part about this date is my Nana passed away Easter Sunday 6 years ago on March 23, 2008.


This date was always hard for me to deal with before last year. Once I ran that half marathon I know she was there with me the entire time. I now look at March 23rd as a date of accomplishment rather then dwell over my sadness over my grandmother’s passing. I know she would want me to finally be happy rather then sad.

10 months after running my 1st half marathon I went on to run my 1st marathon. It’s amazing how far a person can come with just one race just 1 year ago. I know my Nana would be so proud of me.


Egg Cupcakes

A friend of mine brought me in one of these interesting snacks. At first I thought “egg cupcake, what in the heck is a egg cupcake?” As I ate one I thought what a yummy quick on the go meal. Great protein packed, quick and easy recipe.

Heres what you’ll need:

– 12 eggs
– a muffin tin
– 12 cupcake liners
– 1 or 2 Fresh jalapenos (depending on how spicy you want it)
– 1 lb of lean ground turkey
– seasonings of your choice
– 1 minced garlic clove

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a skillet put minced garlic and ground turkey in pan cook until brown. While the ground turkey is browning, place cupcake liners in the muffin tin, spray cooking spray in each liner. Crack open 1 egg and place in each liner (they will turn out like a hard boiled egg in the cupcake liner). Dice up jalapenos. I took seeds out but your choice to use in this recipe. By now the ground turkey should be fully cooked. I used a tablespoon and scooped out and placed on top of the uncooked egg in each cupcake liner, then take the chopped jalapenos and place on top of ground turkey. Place in the oven for at least 20-25 minutes. Once done let cool and then place in fridge.

This was my first time making them so they still needed a few tweeks for the next time. But you can play around with what you want to add and mess around with it. I think this is a great recipe for those who can’t stop make breakfast in the morning or want a quick mid morning/afternoon snack. I’d love to see your comments as to what you used and did with this recipe or have made something very similar.

What do you run for??


I get asked this question a lot? Why do I run? I was even asked this question as to why did I bother running a marathon.  The heated debate angers me.

I run for lots of things.  One, my health. I have lots of health issues in my family.  Two, my sanity. Ever heard that expression “running is cheaper then therapy” but sometimes I wonder after race fees, running gadgets.  Is it really cheaper? My mind needs the de-stress from the day. Sometimes the only way for me to unwind is to go for a run. My third and last reason is a role model to my 7 year old daughter. She honestly hates running but she loves watching me run and being there at races to watch me cross the finish line. I hope that as she grows up she will see running is great and wonderful experience.

So I leave the open debate.  What do you run for?

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Resistance Band

Today I purchased a medium resistance band. I have used them in the past at the gym. But I had no idea the workouts you can do with the band. Today I just went on pinterest to get a few ideas and do a few. Man I’m feeling it. My arms feel like jello. Here are a few exercises I did with the band while watching the Walking Dead marathon on tv (GREAT MOTIVATION).

-Overhead Tricep Extension x3

-Seated Lat Row x3

-Woodchop (each side) x3

-Lateral Raises x3

I’m still learning with the band, but hope to add more workouts as I learn and research more into this.

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What started it all

Back in 2010 my sister in-law approached me about possibly having a girls weekend and run a 5k at Disney World during their Princess Weekend. At first I laughed. One, I didn’t know what a 5k was? Two, I haven’t ran since middle school when I was in cross country and track. Three, Disney does races?. I was a complete amature. I decided what the heck let’s do it. So I started training using the C25k (Couch 2 5k) app on my ipod. The first  day called for run 1 minute walk 90 seconds! I thought there is no way I can do this. But I kept on and finished the entire weeks of training. Now I wanted to run a 5k before Princess weekend. Ran a local 5k in November 2010. I did pretty well for a 1st race.

The day had finally come girls weekend and the Royal Family 5k. We were all excited






Since the 5k was over, I thought well what do I do now??? I went on to do multiple 5k’s a 10k and completed 3 half marathons in 2013. I completed my first marathon at the place that started it all for me Walt Disney World on January 12, 2014! I am OFFICIALLY a MARATHONER!! I have the running bug and couldn’t be happier.

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